Monday, October 20, 2008

New NameJams for 08

B.A. Barracus Obama

Bel Biv Devo

Ringo Star Jones
Lil Kim Jong ILL

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thin Lizzy Marky Mark Mcguire

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wookie Goldberg

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ronald McDonald Rumsfeld

Monday, June 11, 2007

Keith Richards Dreyfuss
Quentin TaranTina Yothers
Stevie B. Arthur
Danny DeVito Corleone
Biz Markie Mark and the Funk Master Flex
and for you Sopranos fans: Notorious BIG Pussy
Another in the historical series:

Rob Thomas Jefferson

Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham Clinton

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Snoop Doug E. Doug
Colonel SanDirk Navitsky
Steven Tyler DurDenver Nuggets
Billy Ray Cypress Hill
Mary Elizabeth MastrAntonio Banderes
Cool Mo Dee Snyder
Sarah Jessica Parker Louis Can't Lose
BeethoVin Diesel
MozArt Garfunkel
John CuZac Morris the Cat
The Artist formerly known as PrinCess LeiAaliYao Ming the MerciLes Paul Wall-ter Cronkite

Friday, June 8, 2007

Darth Vadirk Diggler

Johnny Carson Daly (by Jason)

Tom Arnold Schwarzenegger

A Pre-nameJAM namejam

I found a pre-nameJAM name jam that someone sent me a while ago. Sadly, I don't know who the author is.

Tony Danzig
for LA residents - I present...


scott baio wolf mother theresa

- credit goes to jason at werk for these... we definitely need a scott beowolf t-shirt.

Vince Neil Patrick Harrison Ford

Dishman's "Captain Kirk Cameron Crowe" on set
Ludacristopher Lloyd Bridges of Madison County
Sally Jesse Spano Rafael Palmero
Raul Julia Roberts Redford Explorer
Kiefer SutherLando Calrissian
R2D2-Pac Man

Naomi Campbell Soup Plantation
The Artist formerly known as Prince Charles River Phoenix
Elton John Lennon
Jack BlackJACK JOHNSON & Johnson
Huey Dewey and Lewis and The News
Ron Howard The Duck
Seetharaman NanryaNancy Drew Carey Fisher
Elton John Cougar Mellencamper Van Beethoven
Andrew W.K.D. Lang
Hurricane Hugo Weaving Rhames
Magic Don Juan Pablo Escobar
Dennis Miller Lite
Captain Kirk Cameron Crowe
Mick Jaggermeister
Emmanuel Lewis Black Panthers
Michael Scott Ian Ziering
Refrigerator Luke Perry Ferrell
Michael Scott Glenn DanZiggy Marley Marl-on Wayans Brothers Johnson
- namejam by Jason @ work
Jessica SimpSON OF SAMuel L. Jackson
Nicole Richie Sambora
Coming to America Ferrera

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rob Thomas EdiSonny BoNorah Jones
Howie Long John Silver Surfergalicious
Steve McQueen Latifah
al gore vid-al gore vid-al gore vid-al gore vid-al gor vid-al gore vid-
weird al gore vidal sassoon
- marc @ werk had this one
who made the sweet banner up top? this is starting to look like a professional blog.

amy's "R Kelly Kapowski"

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jonathan Edwards Al-Bee Sure
R Kelly Kapowski
Richard Jenny Lewis Carroll King
Fat Boyz II Men in Blaque
Gnu Edition
Sean Penny Hardaway
Queen Amidali Llama
Mahatma Gandheez nutz
James CromwEllen DeGeners
Sacha Baron von Münchhausen Cohen
Eric B and RaKimberly Stewart Lil' Wayne CamBell Biv Willem Defoe

Sharon Stone Cold Steve Austin

Chewbaracca Obama
Elijah Woodrow Wilson
Rosario Dawson's Creek
Coolhand Luke Skywalker

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

theRyanCommins jam:

Olivia Newton John Wayne Brady

What's in the box!

Mayor Orlando Calrissian Bloomberg
Obe wan Kinobi-TrIce Manu Ginobili "scratch" perry pharell
Priday's name-jam:

Jack Daniel Day Louis Armstrong


Ray Charles BarkLee Harvey Oswald Birley
Marky Mark HamMel Gibson-Les Paul Ruben Studdard
King George-Foreman Grill
NirVanna White-Stripes
Tyler Duran-Duranden
Rosanne Barrak O-bama
Jon A-Rod Stewart
Mr. David LaChappelle Show
Abraham Linkin Parker Posey
Malcom X-box Files In the Middle
Muhammad Ali-G-Unit
Alex TrebeK-fed
Lars Ulrichie Rich
Jennifer Lleyton Hewitt
Slick Rick James Earl Jonesy's Jukebox
pajama jammy jam master jay Z trip

Notorious B.I. G-funk master flex

Pope John Paully Shore
MaDonnald Trump
And the first ever recursive Name Jam aka fibonamejam or the ultimate name jam or the Mc Escher of Name Jams :

Son of Samuel JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Sameul JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Sameul JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Sameul JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Sameul JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Sameul JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Sameul JackSon of Samuel JackSon of Samuel JackSon

George Harrison Fordham University of St. Paul McCartNe-Yo Momma Cass
Jack Frosty the SnowMan Ray Charles ManSun Myung Moon-Unit Zappa
Slim Jim Carrie BradshawShank Redemption
Tom Hanks Williams Jr.
Andy Dick Tracy Morgan Freeman
Mindfreak Criss Angelina Jolie
Winona Ryders on the Storm
Hughlysses S. Grant

1. LeBronJamesTaylorHicks
2. MamasandthePapaJohnKerriStrug
3. FlashGordonLightFootLocker
ozzy osbourne identity
don quixote diggs
ludacrispin glover
mario van pebbles flint-stone phillips
gilbert gott-fried green tomatoes

hunter s. thompsanjaya
cleopetra nemcova
george carlinda hamilton bradley
uncle tom sawyer from lost highway by david lynch mob rules by black saggatha christie swanson

Monday, June 4, 2007

Scotty Pippin Long StocKings of Leon
Dominique MoceaNew Kids on the Block Party of Five
Ron Jeremy Pivens
British Petroleum Oil Slick Rick James Brown
Will Ferrely Brothers Grimm Reaper


level one: easy


Corey Samhaim

Michael Mannjemin Franklin Dee Snyder

Bing Crosby Stills Steve Nash and Young Jeezy
(photo coming soon)

Ben Kingsley Harvey Oswald

Dale Howard Stearnheardt

James Gandolfini the Gray
Boy George Michael Winslow

Here's a pic someone took of me the other day.
B.I.G. Ben Elton John Edward Scissor han solowe's home improvement where-House "From Police Academy" of Motion Picture Arts and Entertainmen-strual cycle.

Big Ben - Big fuckin' clock
Ben Elton -brittish actor
Elton John
John Edwards
Edward Scissor Hands
Han Solo
Lowe's Home Improvement Wherehouse
"House" from Poilce academy - need I say more
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Entertainment
menstrual cycle
Buffalo Bill Cos-bee arthur miller Time! -does this count?
Missy Elliott Smith and Wesson Oil
Daryl Strawberry Jam Master P Diddy
Nicole Richie Rich Little Kim Basinger
Raul Julia Louis Gossett Jr. High
Ralph Macchio Man Fred Savage Steve Holland Oates


Sunday, June 3, 2007

1. At the end of the week an award will be given to the best Name Jam
2. Extra credit if you make a picture of your Name Jam
3. Super Extra Credit goes to a name jam that circles around to the original name, like a snake that swallows its own tail. I'd give an example but this feat has yet to be accomplished by modern man. This is pretty much the ultimate of ultimate acheivements, i can't stress how big of a deal this is. It's would be like solving Pi or reaching nirvana. It is the Fibonacci Sequence of Name Jams. It will be known until we change it as, The FibonameJam or the Name Jam of Name Jams.
Here's the criteria for a name jam
A) Must be a well known person/ place/ or thing
B) You can't use horse names

that's it. Good luck and may the best Name Jammer win.

Steve Martin Landau Calrissian
Billy Elliot Smithsonian Museum of Art Garfunkel
Tony! Toni! Toné! Robin Williams H Macy Grey's Anatomy
Lindsay LoHan Solo
Tatum O'Neil Patrick Harrison Ford